Frank Longbottom (rowan_magick) wrote in solemnly_swear,
Frank Longbottom

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Untitled poem

I saw you this morning with your hair unbound,
Splayed on the pillow, underneath this hand,
I've never understood what he means to you,
I would never stand against what you wish to do.

The swirls of destiny encompass us,
Do they pulls us together or way,
I wonder if its worth the fuss,
You wonder if we'll have our day.

They claim us for their own,
They stalk us like prey,
Your heart and mine,
Bound in timeless array.

And I saw you this morning, so calm in repose,
With his heart beating time, waiting for you?
And I saw you this morning, so quiet and still,
My heart cries to yours, "do as you will."
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