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"I solemnly swear, I am up to no good.."

The Marauder Chronicles

The Marauder Chronicles
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Solemnly Swear

Currently we at solemnly_swear The Marauders Chronicles are only accepting applications for the characters listed below. Thank You!

"Voldemort" is only a whisper of something unknown......

The whisper is of power and is in everyones ear...

Who will answer it and begin walking the road to ultimate destruction? Only you can say.

This is Your Story.
This is My Story.
This is Our Story.

Perhaps Lucius won't hear it at all.
Perhaps James will...

The cards are in your hands.

Choose your Character.
Choose your Adventure.

Read the Rules Here
E-mail: Coren@Poet-Sings.Net

Desired Character:
Sample RP First Person:
Sample RP Third Person: (several paragraphs, only your character, I want to see what makes your character tick, your best writing, basically make me love your character)
What other RP's are you in if applicable? Who do you play?

Characters with NO journal title next to their names are available to play.

6th Year Students

Molly Jennings (redheadedmenace)
[P]Remus Lupin (lupercalis)
Peter Pettigrew (worm_tail)
James Potter (infamous_prongs)
Arthur Weasley (muggles_r_us)
[P]Lily Evans (crimson_lily)
Sirius Black (beingsirius)
Gideon Prewett
_____ Lovegood (male)
Mitchell McGonagall

Shenren Chang (cleverclaw)
Arabella Figg
Hestia Jones
Barry Ryan

Bertha Jorkins (whisperedwisdom)
Sybill Trewlaney (sybill)
Amos Diggory
Rosmerta Devlin
[P]Dedalus Diggle

Rodolphus Lestrange (rodolphus_les)
Narcissa Peltier (prideandbeauty)
[P]Severus Snape (snide_snivellus)
Lucius Malfoy (brazen_serpent)
Christian Rookwood
Walden MacNair
Florence Crane

5th Year Students

[P]Bathilda Bagshot
Glenda Chittock
Fabian Prewett
[P]Ted Tonks

Rita Skeeter
[P]Dolores Umbridge

Greta Catchlove
Gilderoy Lockhart
[P]Davy Gudgeon

Andromeda Black (lady_andromeda)
[P]Edmund Crabbe (edmund_crabbe)
[P]Alessandra Goyle (pas_la_cerise)
Evan Rosier (rosy_heir)
Antonin Dolohov
Adrienne Lestrange (aberrantic)
____ Wilkes (male)

4th Year Students

Amelia Bones (i_am_bones)
Frank Longbottom (rowan_magick)
Alice Strong (strongxenough)
Kingsley Shaklebolt
Mundungus Fletcher

Emmaline Vance
Benjy Fenwick (male)
Agatha Timms
Aiden Lynch (get_lynched)

Marlene McKinnon
Caradoc Dearborn (male)
Dorcas Meadows (female)

Regulus Black (clouded_black)
Rabastan Lestrange (rab_les)
Bellatrix Black
____ Nott
Barty Crouch, Jr.
Ludo Bagman


Albus Dumbledore (phoenix_keeper)
Minerva Mcgonagall

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