Alice Strong (strongxenough) wrote in solemnly_swear,
Alice Strong

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I don't know where I'm going
I'm not sure where I've been
And the darkness surrounding
Is finding it's way in.

I'll struggle through the evening
I'll die at the come of dawn
For I have found, on this trip
It seems I'm just a pawn.

In a game of webs and crystal lies
I've seen there's no tomorrow
I'll seek the dark angel in the trees
And sing to him my sorrow.

"Oh, give me some reason to seek
Show me this pain isn't real
Take me away, to a place now unknown
Show me how to feel.

For all is invisible, ebony
Inside my cast-down soul
I feel I might shatter in agony
I've lost all that made me whole."

This sliver of desolation
Why did the birds cry so soon?
I'll sing to the angel of darkness at dusk
My soul gone by the chimes of noon.
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