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"I solemnly swear, I am up to no good.."

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6th February 2004

strongxenough6:51pm: Change in location
We are now located at Greatestjournal. Please join us!

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29th January 2004

redheadedmenace7:29pm: Whosssever follenme, stoppit. 'S nun yer bi-... bi-... concern wha I do.
Current Mood: drunk

27th January 2004

rab_les1:25am: I would just like to take this oppurtunity to compliment Alice Strong on her stylish new haircut. Well done, Strong. Really smashing. And I thought you could get no uglier

21st January 2004

pas_la_cerise4:19pm: I'm bored, and Monsieur Flashy is begging to be used again.

Who wants to model for me? Nothing risqué, unless that's what you want, and fees are negotiable.

Helen had her kisses; I have my camera. Let me immortalize you.
Current Mood: bored
ex_sybill2646:34pm: No, I did not loose my journal, I was not over run by homework and nor was there any other typical excuse for not writing in my journal for a period of time. If you want the truth, then I will goddamn give the truth.

I hate this journal, I hate these students, I hate this school and I HATE my mother fussing over me like a turkey dinner. LOOK at my hair. It looks...stylish awful.

Just...tragic. Ergh.
Current Mood: bitchy

18th January 2004

cleverclaw11:36pm: ATTN: Alice Strong
Amelia's in the infirmary. Something happened last night that I didn't understand, and I rushed her there immediately.

Go visit her. I would've stayed, but Pompfrey wouldn't have it.
Current Mood: worried

17th January 2004

redheadedmenace5:54am: The Muse Made Me Do It
S is because he has a sexy smile
E is because he makes everything worthwhile
V is because he's very sweet
E is because he's ever discreet
R is because he rules my heart
U is because underneath his grease, he's smart
S is because he's so faithful and true

One in a million, my love, are you!

I miss you, darling. How come you never take me out anymore?
Current Mood: silly

14th January 2004

prideandbeauty5:58pm: Has anyone seen a small black owl?
Shes very little and very timid.
Chances are she won't come to you unless she thinks its safe.
I sent her out with a note last night and she never came back.
Maybe she got confused and went to the the wrong house or something.
Current Mood: cold
redheadedmenace12:42pm: I keep thinking that we should be doing something about that Hufflepuff child, but I don't know what. I don't like feeling helpless like this.

This is probably a bad time, but before I forget, I wanted to thank all you wonderful Gryffindors for my Christmas present. You're all too sweet for words.
Current Mood: morose

11th January 2004

lupercalis11:48pm: I have always thought that I had a strong stomach... but, what was in the Great Hall was in a word, disgusting. I've never been faint of heart, but Merlin's balls. There just aren't words to describe it, there really aren't.

Something needs to be done... this is starting to go much, much too far.
Current Mood: distressed
prideandbeauty11:23am: That was the most disgusting thing I have seen in ages.
What in the world is going on in this school?

And I had such an appetite for waffles this morning.
Except the whole corpse thing made that dissapear quick.
Current Mood: grossed out
redheadedmenace1:49am: I can't sleep tonight for seeing that poor child every time I close my eyes.

Do you think someone actually murdered him? Or was it some form of magic gone wrong?
Current Mood: shocked
clouded_black1:41am: Death. It's a part of nature's cycle. I must strive to accept it.

Therefore, I will not weep for long; no. I will look Death in its emptied eye sockets and laugh.

I think the Hufflepuff would have wanted it that way.
Current Mood: really, really sad
whisperedwisdom12:44am: Merlin.
I don't think I will ever be able to touch food again.

That was horrible. Horrible. I hope they find the monster that did this. I hope they find him and throw him into Azkaban for all eternity.


If things like this can happen here... at Hogwarts...then where exactly are we safe?

Current Mood: Disgusted

10th January 2004

strongxenough3:06pm: I think I'm going to be sick.
Bertha, would you care to meet me in the corridor later? I do believe the both of us should go to the Hospital Wing together. I'm not feeling at all well..

In fact, anyone who wants to join me would be grately appreciated.

I'm never going into the Great Hall again.. much less eating in it.
Current Mood: sick
rodolphus_les7:13am: Hmm... what a dreadful thing to walk in on! I trust all of you saw the tragic display this morning at breakfast. What a pity, I wonder who the poor thing was.

And I so thought that after so many months of peace following... what was his name? Anderson? Adams? Oh... yes... Avery's death that we were at last safe from those foul monsters...

Knowing how we felt when it was one of our own... well... We extend our deepest sympathy to the Hufflepuffs.

OH! And by the way... Bellatrix and I are now officially engaged. I expect congratulations are in order.

2nd January 2004

ex_sybill2643:27am: It was only a dream. Only a dream. Only a dream. Nothing will come of it. Nothing will ever come of it, I'm certain. Or am I? Of course I am! No, it was just a silly thought as I nodded off...nothing will come of it. Of course not.

Who am I kidding?

Great peril, great peril is in stall for us all in the years to come. Oh, the HORRORS taht have been bestowed upon me to see. I wake, restless, sweating, clawing at my very own eyes with a gasp, a pant. With drifting thoughts and images of the horror that will yet to be seen...

...may Circe save us all.

New Year, you wave the year's danger at me. You think you will overcome me, overcome our school with the fear you force upon night in, night out. You think you will beat me this year. But let me assure you.

I will do the conquering.

This year.
Current Mood: restless

31st December 2003

strongxenough6:44pm: Happy New Years, everyone.
Current Mood: blah

27th December 2003

ex_sybill26412:37pm: I'm not sure about anyone else's, but my Christmas was a complete bore. I've never enjoyed that stupid celebration and I find it highly unlikely that I ever will. There is no point to Christmas. It's just a petty excuse to drink too much wine and recieve as many presents as you can.

Current Mood: cold

20th December 2003

whisperedwisdom4:50pm: I'm bored out of my mind. Is there anything even remotely interesting going on over holidays? [Alice] Besides our drunken escapades? [/Alice]

...anyone feel like a snowball fight?
Current Mood: Bored
ex_sybill2649:54pm: I'm not a tool. I don't just see things like I'm reading a book. It's not a skill that comes easily. I'm not there for you amusement. I'm not there for you only to show interest when you're concerned.

I mean. Really. Half of you didn't know my name until you found out I can do readings. And noiwillnotdooneforyou.

Current Mood: angry

17th December 2003

ex_sybill2649:34am: I do not see why everyone is in such a rush to enjoy themselves in this seeminly...festive season. I do not find any happiness at all during the Christmas holidays. I am plagued by the unhappy visions I have of dreadful things. Dreadful things that you all write off to something silly. You'll wish you heeded my warnings. You will. I am a Seer, afterall. I am an asset to this community.

You may laugh. In the meantime, I will be out for a walk.
Current Mood: gloomy

11th December 2003

pas_la_cerise8:56pm: I would love to know which room-mate of mine decided to turn my bed into a display area for those hideous dolls. If they're not removed by the time I retire tonight, I'm going to play "Reign of Terror" and behead every last one of them. This is why I hate living with other females.

I'm out of the Dreamless Sleep Narcissa gave me. Does anyone have anymore that he or she is willing to part with, or shall I just have some made?
Current Mood: annoyed
strongxenough3:48pm: PoetryCollapse )
Current Mood: empty
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